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  1. Koamtac KDC300 2D Barcode Scanner

    The Koamtac KDC300 2D Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with OLED display allows the collection of 2D barcodes. Read more
  2. Koamtac KDC425i 1D/2D Barcode Scanner

    New Arrival! The KDC425i Made for iPhone 4 you get powerful 2D / 1D scanning and Mag Stripe reader, in the palm of your hand. Finally, one-hand operation for scanning into FileMaker on an iPhone! No additional software required. Read more
  3. Socket CHS 7Xi 2D/1D BT Scanner (HID, SPP, MFI)


    The Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7 will enable you to collect bar coded data without being tied to your mobile or desktop computer!

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  4. Scanfob 3002i Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


    Scanfob 3002i is a pocket size Bluetooth wireless laser scanner that works out of the box with mobile applications. You can perform batch scan or scan directly into a field.
    Scanfob 3002i works with FileMaker Pro/Advanced and FileMaker Go on iOS devices without any additional software or plug-ins. It's plug and play.

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4 Item(s)