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  1. KDC300 Replacement Battery


    KDC300 Replacement Battery

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  2. KDC200 Replacement Battery


    KDC200 Replacement Battery

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  3. Socket CHS 7P Charging Cradle


    Socket CHS 7P Charging Cradle

    The CHS 7P charging cradle is used for more convenient charging of the scanner than when using the standard charge adaptor plug. 
    Scanner can be quickly and easily placed into, and removed from the cradle, where using the standard charge adaptor plug requires two hands. 

    Note: CHS7P pictured is not included with charge cradle.

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  4. Scanfob® Charging Hub (13 ports)


    Use the Scanfob® charging hub to connect up to (13) Scanfob units using the USB OTG charging connector. Easy to set up and use with or without the Protective Silicone cover installed on your Scanfob® device!

    External communication is supported by USB interface.

    A USB cable and a power supply are default enclosed.

    Note: Device may not be exactly as pictured.

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4 Item(s)